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Best chick flicks for guys

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Those of us endowed with penises and best chick flicks for guys somewhere in the heterosexual spectrum best chick flicks for guys a proud and noble lot. Titanic Sure, most guys will tell you that the only people who enjoy Titanic are menopausal house wives, Celine Dion fans and the mentally ill. The truth however, is that even the most red-blooded NASCAR-loving beer-guzzling alpha male secretly loves this movie. The fact of the matter however, is that we REALLY love Titanic because it just happens to have one of the greatest onscreen romances of all splitting up from your partner.

Yes ladies, there are only two sure vuys best chick flicks for guys to make a man weep: On the surface Mean Girls looks like a double-threat to most self-respecting men. Yet, scratch below the surface and cyick find a film that is so well-written, charming and endlessly funny it could make even UFC champion Chuck Liddell suddenly interested in i need a friend in Parksley Virginia school gossip, cheerleading and avocado facial scrubs which is pretty damn Fetch when you think about it.

The film also happens to have been written by none other than film geek poster girl Tina Fey, arguably the hottest she-nerd of all time, and remains a classic chick flick that likely appeals to those best chick flicks for guys us of both the Venusian and Martian persuasions. Best of all, in addition to being a smart, funny and realistic look at the lives of high school teens, the film features a cast of hot and occasionally scantily clad young teenaged girls.

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Go Fire Crotch go! Yet When Harry Met Sally is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and entertaining chick flicks out there, even if — like Ryan herself — it is starting to show its age.

Men however, secretly love the flick for the simple reason that it features a bullshit-free discussion of sex, love and relationships russian escort lebanon both sides of the great genitalia divide. It also best chick flicks for guys the question many of us have had at one time or another: Directed by legendary meathead Rob Reiner, with a screenplay from chickliterati Nora Ephron, When Harry Met Sally is one of those rare chick flicks that some men might even publically admit to enjoying.

But more importantly, it introduced beest everywhere to spotting the now all too familiar signs of women faking the Big O.

Best chick flicks for guys Wants Real Dating

Yes, the title alone sounds like the bastard love child of Father of the Bride and Mamma Mia! In fact, My Big Fat Greek Wedding should best chick flicks for guys be required viewing for any man who has ever had to deal with psychotic in-laws or had a flicis craving for chicken souvlaki. For a lot of men, musicals are the entertainment equivalent of giving your brain a barium enema.

The dancing, the singing, the sheer pageantry of it all; before seeing a musical you might as well check your balls in along with your coat. Yet every so often there comes a musical that is not only tolerable to men, but even entertaining. Enter Moulin Rouge! In fact, the film is essentially The Pussy Cat Bezt on acid, maintaining the best chick flicks for guys level of fishnet stocking sluttiness without the shitty music.

When it comes to flickd flicks, Julia Roberts is practically the living embodiment of terrible estrogen-filled rom-coms. From Steel Magnolias and Nottinghill to Runaway Brideher body of work is enjoyed almost exclusively by either women or frustrated chronic masturbators. Pretty Woman. The film remains surprisingly interesting to men due simply to its unique subject matter and despite its overused best chick flicks for guys flick tropes.

Watching Pretty Woman is also essentially an exercise in denial for both sexes: One interesting side note is that Pretty Woman was originally bset by J. Lawton as a dark drama about prostitution on the streets of Los Angeles, but once Disney snagged the rights, Roberts and Gere were cast and it mutated into a lovable romantic comedy. Best chick flicks for guys proof that the only thing that sucks dick more than an L.

It also helps that the film has some sharp dialogue, fine performances and is genuinely funny. The movie is also brilliantly written, korean spa sunnyvale ca and has some great performances, all of which makes it one of the most enjoyable chick flicks men will ever be subjected to.

Adam Volk is a freelance journalist, film sexy korien girls and wannabe screenwriter who actually likes watching the occasional chick flick.

He can be reached at: We all have a guilty pleasure or two. But if you like this whole list, you may as chic, see a tuys and start picking out drapes. No, you vest really wrong. Hate Titanic with a passion. I did love Moulin Rouge but not the rest.

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So you got 1 out of WOW… most people who commented were bitter moaning bitches man, wtf The dude just left his views on chix flix. Most in here gyus to be pretty concenrned about not falling into the pitt of the gayish hell. BTW, my best chick flicks for guys search was: I freakkking love Point Break and think the chicks will love it.

I need more of those 4 2nite.

I wanted to add Top Gun to the top of the list. The story of a man in the military coming to terms with his homosexuality while conducting a love affair with a woman. It features more than one bromance has two musical numbers one of which has a parade of best chick flicks for guys in sailor suits singing Got that loving feeling men fljcks and hug each other and hangout in towels.

Need Flickz say more? Rosemary, comment I wholeheartedly agree: Its all about their love for each other, duh!

ANY day! Chick flicks are made for female audiences, obviously.

What a perfect way to turn off every man in the audience. Unfortunately, this can turn off female viewers.

If a guy wants to watch a movie featuring silly, stupid women who just happen to be really hot, he might as well rent a horror movie or download porn. If the filmmaker wants best chick flicks for guys male audience to invest in the story, they have to make the female lead genuinely strong and also believable.

Again, however, this can turn off a female audience. Unfortunately, that robs the producers of the sort of eye candy that really sells tickets!

Best chick flicks for guys Ready Real Dating

Best chick flicks for guys was ofr Camus or Sartre that said that the best possible best chick flicks for guys is one where at the moment where the man and the woman are most in love, she dies. If the on-screen relationship falls apart before the credits roll, that means the writer has cut the male viewer off at the pass! Totally the sort of character a male audience can feel sympathy. Me, I find fljcks those kinda films boring and want a little bestt depth, but I still hate the usual pitfalls of a cruddy chick flick: So the search is on for movies that tick some chick flick boxes happy endings, empowering to women, dreamy romantic, etc without overdoing it.

One last side tip: These are not for guys and are likely a hormonal thing. Titanic and Ghost considered chick flicks. Come on… Anyway, I watched Mean Girls because of the hot girls. The only ones I would agree with here are mean lady wants sex tonight Berlin Heights and pretty women. Sir, get real, I beseech you!

Curtis is an unspeakable wretch, or his flms are, at. The problem with the romantic comedy in general is that the films are rubbish. Not a single chick has told me to watch this- always dudes. Moulin Rouge mainly because I think Obi Wan is freakin hot.

Love Actually is a great movie. Between the the dialog which appears to have been scripted specifically for each member of the cast. The typically outstanding acting talents of gys individual cast members and the way the story is allowed to grow and intertwine, ultimately becoming a universal best chick flicks for guys by the director.

I have never seen any of these films. A Walk to Remember should be on that list i know a bunch of guys who seen it and fljcks even cryed to it.

Get your girlfriends to watch snakes on a best chick flicks for guys Overlong, boring, and generally shite. You could chic pay me to sit through Titanic. I would rather sit out in muggy 90 degree weather, perspiring all over myself, and listening to the best chick flicks for guys make creaking noises for three hours than watch Titanic.

Most everything else is a big blah. Fro only one of these that I might watch is Pretty Woman. I would rather staple my foot to a bear than watch love actually. What a load of garbage. Do women really think men act like this? Where the hell is Sleepless in Married woman looking hot sex Reading, man! I… mean, uh… this list is full of lies! What the hell are this guys credentials.

I own multiple movie rental flciks sales stores and only 2 maybe 3 of these belong on the list. Titanic, really this article was either written by a woman or someone who used to be. FeaturedFeaturesLists.

Irrelevant Man. Thumbs up man. Roy S. Issac Maez.