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MeToo is a great hashtag but a not-so-great verb.

When activist Hope someone s looking for me too Burke created the slogan and accompanying anti-sexual violence movement inher intention was to build solidarity among survivors, as well as increase awareness of the current north shore massage auckland of rape and other forms of sexual assault.

Last year, the movement took its efforts to Twitter. MeToo led the national conversation as survivors around the world disclosed their stories online, including celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan.

The movement gained exponential visibility and momentum. But social media users and journalists soon lesbian blog the narrativepraising her contributions and re-establishing the black woman-led, intersectional fight against sexual violence and the culture of silence that allows it to loooing rampant.

Culturally, the Me Too movement has succeeded in changing attitudes that have long protected sexual abusers, especially those who are wealthy and powerful men. Our comfort with it is further evidenced by its quick evolution from slogan and title to verb, a morph that many English nouns undergo.

I was late to the game. In Novemberactor and writer Lena Dunham tweeted: Fast forward to now, sex xxx more people seem to be using it than ever, thanks in part to the continued fervor of the movement and resulting exposure and calls for accountability of abusers. At the same time, it can be wielded to suit a patriarchal worldview.

The name of professional male dom movement set on empowering sexual assault survivors, mostly comprised of women and spearheaded by loking black woman, was reframed as a force set on bringing down powerful, talented men.

On one side of the verb is a widely admired man; on the other side, a faceless mob of angry feminists.

It serves the same function in casual conversation, even among people who believe in accountability for abusers. Perhaps away from the cultural circles I occupy, that is exactly what is happening. lookjng

Or perhaps these uses are too clunky or corny to be realistic, to which I can only wonder why the language of male victimhood rolls so much easier off of our tongues.

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